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Richard Gathany
Candidate for School Board District 7

When we look at the current situation in DeKalb County Schools the future seems bleak.  The SACS is questioning the accreditation of DeKalb Schools.  The actions of administrators have diverted millions of dollars from the education of our children. A top heavy administration has prevented the application of tax dollars to direct educational services.  A shrinking economy has required a reduced budget. A
curriculum program that few wanted was purchased by the county.  School board members seem unprepared to handle these issues and lead the DeKalb County School System through these tough times.

The administration meanwhile is pre-occupied with these issues and has lost focus on what is important: the education of our children.  Who knows what the future holds.  The attempt by the school administration to label DeKalb schools as a first rate educational system has fallen on its face.  There must be actions to back up words.  There is an old phrase that “Self praise is no recommendation,” and that is what we have seen: All talk, and little positive action. Those who got us into this mess cannot be relied upon to get us out.

The challenge is for the future of the DeKalb County School System.  We must change directions to find the solution for a better education for our children.  They cannot compete globally at the current level of achievement.  They cannot sustain the contributions to our Social Security and the other systems without having highly technical and business skills.  And that is why Richard Gathany is a candidate for DeKalb School Board District 7.

Richard Gathany
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